The Hagerty Learning Garage

Find the passion of the automotive enthusiast in our vehicles’ guts and glam.

What we're about

Driving enables freedom and a return to being present. In the Learning Garage, we are bringing those experiences back to life, one project at a time.

We love cars

At Hagerty, we’re fostering a community of car lovers. The thrill of the find is a feeling second only to the pulse of an engine’s rhythm while sitting in the driver’s seat. There’s a legacy to uphold, and we believe cars, the community that surrounds them, and the hands-on experience of driving them is worth keeping alive.

Today, we are a company of automotive enthusiasts and experts, with offices in the US, the UK, and Canada, and while we’re the global leader in collector car insurance, we’ve moved beyond insurance to offer so much more.

And we love to talk about them

Our Media team is a force to be reckoned with, made up of the best automotive journalists on the planet. Our Garage and the vehicles inside it are primed and ready to be in front of the camera at a moment’s notice for a shoot for Hagerty DIY or Redline Rebuild, two of our video series that have attracted over 1 million followers. Join the movement

From immersive events and experiences to a robust digital community, Hagerty is dedicated to connecting auto enthusiasts with one another to support the growth and variety of the automotive industry. No two car lovers are alike, but we all have something in common. Let’s drive together.

In the Learning Garage

There’s always an exciting project happening around here, with vehicles from every era on site for restoration or employee learning opportunities. You can also peruse our vehicles up close and in person.