1930 Ford Model A Deluxe Roadster

200 cubic inch inline four-cylinder, 40 horsepower
Three-speed non-synchromesh manual
By the late 1920s, sales of Henry Ford’s Model T were beginning to dwindle. Recognizing that it was time for a new design, he responded with the Model A. His company produced about five million Model As from 1928–1931.

Ford’s Model As included wide fenders, a large chrome-plated vertical radiator grille, a spacious cowl area and four-wheel mechanical brakes. The car also followed the trend towards larger tires on smaller wheels, resulting in a lower sitting car and sleeker looking ride. It boasted an advertised top speed of 65 mph, although 40–45 mph was a much more realistic cruising speed. The Deluxe Roadster specifically optioned shorter, fold-down windshields, a lower profile top, cowl lights, twin taillights and a trunk rack. It weighed just under 2,000 pounds and sold for around $400 new.

This car is especially important to Hagerty as it was completely restored by our employees during 2009–2010. More than 100 employees worked on the vehicle and the restoration was completed in just six months.